Darla H. Frenulectomy

The procedure was for my seven year old and the staff was absolutely fabulous. They made us feel completely comfortable.

Morris Extraction Implant

I enjoy coming to the office for treatment. The experience was so much less painful than I imagined it to be. Wonderful doctor.

Donald S.

Dr. Beagle is very professional and confident. His relaxed manner was great.

Terry S. Dental Implant Surgery

I did not experience any discomfort during the dental implant surgery. I had no pain after the anesthetic wore off. It turned out to be easier than I expected. I credit that to Dr. Beagle’s proficiency.

Mary U.

[Dr. Beagle’s office is] So peaceful and calm.

Darrianne C. Perio Surgery

Dr. Beagle is a consummate professional that does absolutely amazing work.

Jamie F. Surgical Extraction

Dr. Beagle has to be the best with giving Novocaine shots!